not focusing on them rn tho


My first time traveling time. 

Lend-A-Sim or Nah

I don’t have the strength to make more sims for my story.

Any creators willing to lend me Male and Female premade sims(CC is fine)

Must Be Colored

Creators should not be mad If i change their hair/skin

It’s nothing boo. My perm hold more weight than you

- Ms.Cherry Bawmb 


Um, Ka’Leysha  is supposed to have swag, but I suck at it. lol!

┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴ Not to mention I lack swag in my game. 




- Emichelle Bey & Yahara Loue

See I didn’t spend all day yesterday being unproductive 


ashfdkl so freaking gorgeous omg


Contemporary Industrial House + Address Plaque, Wall Desk & Shelf, and Mesh Fence.

Please read the instructions! I would recommend using my Save.

Click here to Download House

Click here to Download CC

Unfurnished Here