I think it may be time for a little hiatus

I think it may be time for a little hiatus

yes i installed it from the launcher.. but cant find it

hmm. I wonder why not. Try clearing your folders and restarting your comp

Go to documents>EA>TS3.

Remove all files in DCBackup except for ccmerged.
Remove all temp files in DCCache.
Delete all files from Featured Items.
Delete all files from World Cache.
And remove any script error files that are there.

Restart comp.


where do i find the lil city in the game????

did u install via launcher?

hi the link for lil city isn't working

Links have been updated! 

How is Lil’ City working in game for you guys?


ok they’re perfect wtf. (SN: in love with forcoloredsims HQ mod in my game, runs super smoothly and as you can see does justice to my sims & pictures ♥♥)

yesssss! Thanks for using it!

New Sims 4 CAS Video!!!


But this is where Sims4 took the concept from.

Wish they would have took the graphics too :(. .

hey, I love your photos! I was just wondering how you edit them in photoshop, like how you color them/what filters you use? Thank you xx

I am self taught in photoshop, so a lot of times i’m just fucking around till i get what I like. But i can link you to some resources that I live by

Forcoloredsims HQ MOD (You can play with this mod too)

Pastel PSD

Simluxe Split Action

Spingbreakers Light Leak Textures

Keyloh’s Pixel Pop PSD

Wundersims PSD #2 + #3

Now go make magic!